What TW1K Team has prepared for you – Full Info

Here is what you get with 1K Team:


(1) Special Team Webinars.

Ben Olszewski (the creator and leader of 1K Team)
runs special team webinars to help you
with marketing and understanding the power of
e-mail marketing and TrafficWave autoresponder.
Sometimes he’s accompanied by TrafficWave creator!


(2) We offer daily training.

a) After you join TrafficWave I will give you the link
    to Ben Olszewski’s training blog. 
    His site contains pre-written ads, places to market,
    info on all relevant topics…
    It’s awesome for those who want to learn how to do this right!

b) I have prepared my own training sites.
    One of them is for members only,
    but I can already share with you the other one:


(3) We don’t have any team page.

With my help you can have a capture page
linked to a series of autoresponder messages.

When you promote this capture page
(My Traffic Sites are >> HERE)
you will be building your own list of subscribers (leads).

Each of your leads will receive autoresponder messages
sent by TrafficWave on your behalf.

Each autoresponder message
will contain your personal TrafficWave link.


(4) I can make your capture page for you

a) Ben Olszewski has prepared 10 autoresponder letters
     that he shares with all the members. 
     And a video tutorial how to set it up in your TrafficWave account.
     Ben suggests making a capture page hosted for free by TW.

b) I edited Ben’s 10 letters and added 8 other letters.
      I can share my campaign with you.

    You can use these letters with a capture page that you make yourself
    (I will tell you about a few methods to do this), or,
    if you give me your TrafficWave password and username
    – I can make it for you (and host it for you) and insert my letters
      into your TrafficWave.


(5) We can take care of your referrals

a) If you choose Ben’s letters (campaign)
– your subscribers will be instructed to contact Ben
after they join TrafficWave.  Ben will send them
his welcome message with all necessary information.

b) If you choose my letters (campaign)
– your subscribers will be asked to contact me
        after they join TrafficWave.  I will send them
my welcome message with all necessary information.


(6) We have a Private FaceBook Group.     

After you join (as soon as I can) I will email you
the link along with all other info you need to start
building your list and earning money fast.

Some of our new members enrolled their 1st paid referral
within a couple of days upon joining with us!

But of course I can’t give you any guarantees 🙂


(7) ListAdProfits Success.

This is the name of our Team’s complimentary affiliate site
that has been a big success:


(8) We market your TW link until you are earning 1K/mo.

This is a serious commitment to you!
This is for PAID TrafficWave members.
Click this link to see how much TW can pay you: 


I haven’t put this last point at the top purposefully.

When seeing such a promise too many people join believing
that Ben will build their business for them.

I would love you to join us but if this promise
would be the only reason, please don’t do this. 

It will not work for you and you will be disappointed.

Yes, TrafficWave is a great business and pays us a lot,
but to succeed we all must do our share of work. 🙂

  • In my opinion 1K Team is not for everyone.
    Only for smart, ambitious, success-driven people
    who understand that you are the only one
    responsible for your success or failure.


To understand the reality, please read
Income Disclaimer

As a member of the 1K Team you are not promised
to make a single penny ever.
Income of any kind is not implied or guaranteed.

Your ability to earn will depend on your own efforts, skill and commitment.
Ben Olszewski is not responsible for your business in any way whatsoever.

You will reach out to your direct upline when you need help
or you will put in a support ticket directly with TrafficWave.

The tagline: “I’ll market for you until you earn $1000/month”
is not an income guarantee; it means your TW link will be in
the 1K Team ad rotator (PAID members only) as long as you are
active and in good standing with Ben Olszewski (which is completely subjective).

You link is not guaranteed any amount of traffic per day, week or month or at all.
If you think your lack of results proves this is a “scam”, don’t proceed.
Your personal results are your results and only you are to blame (or get credit)
for what happens.
Only smart adults who take complete ownership over their business
should move forward.  This is not a job.

About the author

Malgorzata Bukojemska is from Poland (Europe). She is truly passionate about internet and affiliate marketing.

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