What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Cost? How Much Can You Earn?

Besides What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Cost,

in this post I will also explain:
1) What payment methods they accept
2) How does Wealthy Affiliate pay you
3) Does Wealthy Affiliate pay you?
4) How much can I earn as an affiliate
—- (Wealthy Affiliate commission structure)

I always need to know the answers to all the above questions
because, even if the program is great and offers a fantastic product,
if I cannot afford it or cannot be paid – I can’t join! 🙂

>> Before I continue, I’m sorry to say this but if you are from Nigeria you won’t be allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate cost was the first question
I tried to find out the answer to.

The task was not easy. The full answer I have found only after I joined.  From the questions other new members ask I believe they had the same problem. 🙂 I do hope you will find my explanations useful. 🙂

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

You can pay absolutely nothing!

Yes – you can remain a free member for ever.

Unfortunately, if you are from any of these countries:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. Ghana
  4. India
  5. Kenya
  6. Morocco
  7. Pakistan
  8. Philippines
  9. Vietnam

your only option would be to join as a premium (paid) member.

As a Free Member you can even earn affiliate commission!
If you decide to tell others about WA of course.

>> To earn money you don’t have to refer other people.

I can’t tell you much about my experience of being a free member and what you can’t do because I upgraded almost immediately after I joined.  Actually, I joined knowing that I would become an upgrade member.

On top of this I decided to go yearly.

Click HERE for comparison of the Membership Options:
Starter (free) membership vs. Premium (paid) membership.

How much does the Wealthy Affiliate cost

If you go Premium (upgrade your account)
within the first 7 days (7 x 24 hours)*)
you will pay $19 for your first month.
*) In your WA back office, at the top of every page, you will see the time.
You will not miss the deadline to this discounted upgrade. 

Starting from your 2nd month you will be paying $49 a month.

12 x $49 = $588 a year.

If you pay for the whole year
– your cost will be just

$359 divided by 12 months = $29.92 a month.

You will save a lot of money if you go yearly.

If you decide to go yearly during your 1st month
– your discount will be taken into account.

If you go yearly during your first 7 days
– for your 1st year you will pay not $359 but $329.

When I was upgrading my account I didn’t have enough money to go yearly.

When my 2nd payment was due in 13 days’ time, when I clicked the red button “Go Yearly & Save” I could see this message:

You pay only $351 today because you have 13 days remaining on your Monthly Billing Cycle. We have subtracted a pro-rated amount from the Yearly Membership price.

Your cost today is $351 and then $359 each year after. This switches your billing to the Yearly Membership!

No Up-Sells, No Hidden Costs

Just before joining Wealthy Affiliate I paid for some online training highly recommended to me.  On the website I could see that the cost was $10 via PayPal.  Okay, that much I could afford.  But, as soon as I paid I was informed that yes, for $10 I would receive some info, but if I wanted the full training plus the option to tell others about that training I had to pay additional $197.

I wasn’t prepared to pay that much.  If I knew, I might have enough money…

So I skipped that offer.  In the next step I was informed that if I want the full info plus the option to earn money by referring new people I would have to pay close to 2 thousand dollars!!!

I hate all these up-sells.  I’m so glad Wealthy Affiliates do not try to cheat us.  On the contrary, we are encouraged to go yearly, and save a lot of money.

The only Additional Cost (optional)

would be if you decide to buy your own domain.

The cost per domain is around $15 per year.

You don’t have to do this at the beginning.  They teach us how to start your website on their free platform and then transfer it to your domain.

Wealthy Affiliate hosts all pages of paid (premium members).

>> If you decide to buy a domain as a free member
– you will have to pay for it’s hosting yourself, outside WA.

>> If you already have a blog and your own domain
– you can transfer it to WA hosting.

Free Members can have 2 free websites hosted by WA.

Payment Methods Accepted by WA

Wealthy Affiliate accept Credit/Debit Card and PayPal.

How does Wealthy Affiliate pay you

>> You will be paid your affiliate commission to your PayPal account.
—– – As far as I know this is the only method to be paid.

>> You will be paid on the 1st day of each month.

>> You can set your minimum Payment Threshold for as little as $25,
—– or as much as $5,000 with many options in-between.

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure

Wealthy Affiliate commission structure is not a pyramid or a multilevel one.

You are only paid commission on your direct referrals.
Whether your referrals actively promote WA or not
– this does not impact your earnings. 

Free members are paid half the amount
of what premium members are paid.

This is how much can you earn as a premium member:

If your upgraded (premium) referral goes yearly – you will earn $175 yearly

If your referral pays monthly – your monthly earning will be $23.50

Because the first month cost is $19 – you will earn $8.

This may not sound much to you, but thousands of people earn their living by telling others about Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂

My own sponsor for example – a young guy of 21 – two years after he joined he is earning well over $2K a month.

Does Wealthy Affiliate pay you?

Oh yes!  I can’t show you my payment proof yet as I’m writing these words soon after I joined, but over 1 million people have joined WA.

Many of them joined years ago, and are paid their affiliate commission month after month.

Can you imagine that anyone would have remained a member for 10 years if they haven’t been paid?

Okay, many of the members do not promote Wealthy Affiliate.
They have chosen different niches: gardening, football,
anything they are passionate about.  Something they love to talk about.  Because to earn money thanks to Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to love internet marketing.  And this is yet another great feature of this program.

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Malgorzata Bukojemska is from Poland (Europe). She is truly passionate about internet and affiliate marketing.

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