What Is The Wealthy Affiliate About – Review

In my “What is the Wealthy Affiliate about Review” I want to give you enough information so that you could decide whether Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is for you or not.

Who Wealthy Affiliate is for

  • >> WA is for everyone who wants to earn money from home
  • >> WA is perfect for beginners
  • >> WA is for people who understand that you can NOT be rich overnight.
    • I used to look for fast money on the internet.
      My only achievement was losing money…
    • It takes time to build something solid (monthly income including)
  • >> WA is for people who are willing to learn, follow step-by-step instructions,
    —- who are not afraid to gain new skills…
    – I used to join programs and teams that offered “done for you” ways to the members.
    – It never worked because most people who joined preferred to do nothing at all…

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate About – Review

The main goal of the owners is to teach you how to earn money from home online.
Okay, there are many methods to make money online from home.

The method they will teach you is

How to Earn Money By Blogging

The first thing they tell you is to choose your niche.

You see, your blog should be on the topic you are passionate about.

I love internet marketing, but you may hate the idea of referring others to your program, even if your program is Wealthy Affiliate.  But you may love football, or swimming, or digital cameras, or knitting, or whatever.

When you write about things you love to talk about then it’s fun for you.

Because it takes time before you can start making money, while writing about what is important to you, you won’t be bored, discouraged, etc.

While writing about something you already know a lot about, you can share your knowledge, experience, and so on, with your visitors – people who will read your posts.  As a result your posts will be valuable for them.  This is a very important factor if you want to have free traffic to your website.

I discovered Wealthy Affiliate because I was looking for free, targeted and quality traffic.

This also is something that you will taught here.

Free Traffic to my website

When you have a blog (a website) your ultimate goal is to have each of your posts to be seen on the 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

After your post is ranked that high (preferably not lower than the 3rd spot) – then you have free traffic.

Okay, let’s say you wrote a post about “how to get free traffic to my blog”.  There are people interested to know exactly this and in Google search bar they type “how to get free traffic to my blog” (without quotation marks of course).   If your post is well written, they can see your post and read it.

If your topic is how to take care of a kitten, there also be a lot of people interested to learn more about this.

I do believe any topic to write about you choose, you will find people interested in it.

They will teach you how to write, construct your posts correctly.
>> How to choose great topics (within your niche) for all your posts.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate University About

I have discovered that many people call the training offered by Wealthy Affiliate “a university”.  Of course this is not a university of any kind.

The training is aimed at beginners, newbies, people who have never had any blog, never wrote a single post, people who have no idea what WordPress is.

In another blog about WA I’ve read that they will teach you how to earn from 0 up to $10,000 a month.  For me – I would be overly happy to earn $10K a month. 🙂  If for you it’s not enough, well, I guess that if you know how to make $10K online, you won’t have any problems earning more… 🙂

The training consists of many lessons. Before you can go to the next lesson, you have to perform some tasks. They want to be sure that you understand every lesson.

They, almost literally, will take your hand and lead you step-by-step by the process of creating a website, driving traffic to it and monetizing it (how you will make money with your website).

I’m not going to go into more details here because you may not understand them.  Wh

While reading (before joining Wealthy Affiliate) extremely detailed reviews, I couldn’t understand all the info and I’ve been making money with my blog in the past!

If you are an advanced blogger, marketer :

1) You can still find some new pieces of information or advice in the training lessons prepared by the owners.

2) Premium members can create their own training.  Among WA members there are many experienced bloggers, people who are earning money online from their blogs, sometimes they have been earning for many years already.  They share their knowledge through their trainings.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Support About

This part I really love – the support.

Premium members (and free members during their first 7 days) can ask questions.

Whenever you don’t understand something, or you need further explanations, you just ask your question and you can receive many answers and fast.

Not only the main trainer (one of WA owners) but also the whole WA community is extremely supportive.

I love this feature not only because my questions are answered fast.

Also, or even mostly, because I’m used to helping my referrals.  But I don’t know all the answers!  Besides, you may live in a different part of the world and there may be a huge difference between our time zones.  As a result you would have to wait even 24 hours or more for my answer.

Thanks to WA community being so supportive I am sure that all my referrals can find help even if I am not at my computer 🙂  And this help may be of a higher quality that if you will be depending only on my advice.

If you are a free member and past your initial 7 days – yes, you cannot ask questions – but you can still seach the knowledge database (trainings prepared by experienced premium members).  And of course you may send your questions to me.  If I don’t know the answer I can ask your question.  In this case you will have to wait longer for your answer…


So, let’s summarize

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate About Review

Answer: Wealthy Affiliate is about teaching every person who wants to make money from the Internet how to do this in your spare time from the comfort of your own home.

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