What Is AIOP About? – All In One Profits Opportunity

AIOP stands for All In One Profits,
a suite of marketing tools with a superb compensation plan.

For a flat monthly fee of $11.50 you will receive:

  1. Unlimited Autoresponder,
  2. Page Builder,
  3. AIOP Press Blog,
  4. URL Tracker – just 10 links,
  5. Rotator – unlimited number of links,
  6. Banner and text ad to promote your other biz,
  7. Downline builder – you will be able to add 3 of your own programs,
  8. Hosting
    1. – you can use your own domain or AIOP shared domain,
    2. – you can have your WordPress Blog hosted by AIOP for you

What is AIOP about?

In short: AIOP (All In One Profits) is about making money online.

AIOP’s creators and owners are giving you marketing tools that will help you build any online biz you want.

Plus, if you decide to promote AIOP, you can earn a lot of money.

Some people love the compensation plan because your downline members build your downline, some people hate the idea of passing up their referrals.  Mostly, as it seems to me, because they do not understand that they will be receiving downline members.  And they would receive more downline members than they will pass up.

How much can you earn as an All In One Profits member?

Earning potential is unlimited.

There are 2 membership levels. Most people join as a basic member.

Your cost will be $11.50 per month.

After you have your 1st referral your monthly cost drops to some $2.

You will earn $10 per every member in your downline.

I didn’t say “referral” on purpose.

You see, you will only keep half of your referrals – your 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc. referrals.

Every your even referral you will pass up to your upline.

This of course means that every your odd referral (your 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc. referrals.)
will pass up to you half of their referrals.

And these passed up referrals will also pass up to you half of their referrals!

So, in theory, you can refer just 1 person and earn unlimited income 🙂

Provided, of course, that your 1st referral promotes like crazy and passes up to you lots of people 🙂

All In One Profits Marketing Tools

In your AIOP back office you will find tutorial videos explaining how to use all these tools.

Page Builder (Splash Builder)

– this one is my favorite and the reason why I have an AIOP account.

You can build unlimited splash and capture pages.  All of them are hosted by AIOP.

There are quite a few different templates: video capture page, a capture page with a picture…

My favorite is a blank template – my capture page may look however I want it to look like.

Using this template I can also create pages that explain something.
I use this option when I don’t want some content to be included into my blog.

Also, with Aiop Splash Builder I can make my Thank You pages.

There’s only one thing that I don’t like about the Page Builder tool.
The same problem we face while writing our autoresponder messages.

There’s no auto-save and after a period of your inactivity (too short period of time to my liking) you are logged out and your job is lost.

For example: If I’m writing something and suddenly there’s a phone call.  And I answer it and start talking, and don’t save my writings, when I’m ready to work again, add new content and then click “save”, I’m presented with the log-in form!  And my job is lost.

So, this is what I’m doing (if I remember to do this).  After a break I click Ctrl+a (to highlight all my page or message content) and Ctrl+c to make my computer remember it.  Then I click “save”.  If this works – great!  But if I’m logged out, my job is not lost!  I just return to my message or page, again click Ctrl+a and Ctrl+v.  And my whole writings are in place!

Unlimited Autoresponder

Although the features are great, I do prefer (and use) my TrafficWave net autoresponder.

I’ve been using AIOP autoresponder (auto response as they call it) for many months believing that if join TrafficWave I would waste my money.

After I finally joined TrafficWave net and started using their autoresponder I realized it is better than AIOP’s response.

Both autoresponders are unlimited: you always pay the same flat monthly price regardless how many campaigns you’ve created, how many subscribers are on your lists, how many messages you are sending monthly, how many messages are in each of your campaigns.

TrafficWave is a bit more expensive – $17.95 a month.

The only advantage of AIOP responder over TrafficWave is the server response time.

When you are using AIOP responder and someone subscribes to you list, after they click the confirmation link in the email send to their inbox, they receive your 1st message instantly.

In case of TrafficWave – your new subscriber has to wait up to 15 minutes. Sometimes even longer.

My solution to this problem: I always create at least this Thank You page that my new subscriber can see after they click the confirmation link.

If you are using capture pages built in your Splash Builder tool with your AIOP responder:

Let’s say you created 2 or more different capture pages to test which one is better (more responsive).

Whenever you are alerted by AIOP about a new subscriber, you are also informed which of your capture pages captured the attention of your subscriber!

AIOP Press Blog

This feature has been added recently (summer 2018) and I have not been using it yet.

This is what you can do: You can create your own blog on AIOP Press platform. You can add your photo, some information about yourself, some banners, etc.

I do believe it’s a cool feature and although I have my own blog with my own domain, after researching AIOP Press Blog, I do believe this tool is a great addition to All In One Profits marketing tools.

Is All In One Profits a Scam?

The answer is NO!

All the tools you receive are working.

When you earn affiliate commission

– as soon as your new downline member pays their subscription fee – $10 immediately appear in your back office.

– you can ask for the withdrawal immediately

– within a few days you are paid.

It happened to me once that I’ve been paid while my account was inactive!

When you fail to pay your next monthly fee your account becomes inactive immediately.

You have 30 days to pay the unpaid money.

You cannot log into your account while your account is inactive, but your capture pages continue to work and your autoresponder continues to send your messages.

All In One Profits was created in 2012 by a lady from Romania and a man from the Netherlands. So, it’s a European-based company.

What is NOT so great about AIOP?

You cannot pay your monthly subscription fee with PayPal.

It’s not AIOP fault. It’s PayPal decision. The sole reason why PayPal doesn’t support AIOP is that AIOP is not a US-based company.

As a result, many people who would like to join cannot do this.

There’s no free trial. You must pay upon joining to have access to your back office.

Payment Methods Accepted by AIOP

You can create a subscription from your StPay account.

Unfortunately, not everyone can use STPay. I’ve heard that in some States STPay is not allowed to be use.

Alternatives: ePayments, Payeer and Cryptocurrencies

If you decide to use CoinPayments – you will be able to pay quarterly. No discount is offered, you have to pay $44.50 every three months, but it’s still useful. Because – when you pay with CoinPayment you don’t create a subscription, you must remember about your next payment. And, as far as I remember, you are not reminded about the next payment in advance. Only on the day this payment is due.

They also offer direct Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards as payments made directly on the site.

You make these payments via EcorePay and MobilPay card gateways which are 3D Secure card processing payments platforms (you do not have to be a member to use them) – You just fill in your card details, your address and hit the payment button

They pay the affiliate commissions as follows:

– To STP for those who paid using STP

– To Payeer for those who paid using Payeer.

– To ePayments to those paying using ePayments.

If paying with the “debit” or “credit card” directly from the AIOP website through EcorePay – MobilPay card gateways or with Cryptocurrency, the commission pay out goes by choice to STP, Payeer, ePayments or to Payoneer card.

For amounts over 120-150 USD pay out they can also make wire transfers.

If less than 120 USD it is not worth the bank transfer fees.

Pay It Forward

You can build your AIOP downline by offering people to pay for their 1st month.

To PIF anyone you are buying special PIF tickets from AIOP. Each ticket costs $11.50. Then you are sending your future referrals to a special page.

I don’t like this option.

Firstly, because if someone is serious about building their online business, they can definitely afford $11.50.

Secondly, because I have to pass up my every second referral I will be losing money.

When I PIF my 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th etc. referrals, each time I’m paid $10 (my expense was $11.50).

But when I PIF my 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc. referrals, I pass them up and I earn nothing.

Thirdly – this happened to me twice – only after I PIFed someone they discovered that none of the payment methods accepted by AIOP is available for them!

If you want to join AIOP – discover first if you are able to pay.

Fourthly – AIOP is not the only program I joined that lets us to PIF our referrals. In general, people are willing to let us pay for them, but not willing to pay for others…

My opinion about All In One Profits

I love this program, tools and the compensation plan alike. I do recommend it wholeheartedly.

In my opinion, although the autoresponder does not have the best possible features (you will not know whether your subscribers read your emails), the value of all the tools you receive exceeds the price you are paying.

And, if you have at least 2 downline members – you are in profit!

But, I must confess, after trying (unsuccessfully) to build my downline with a few different AIOP teams, I don’t promote AIOP separately. Instead, I actively grow my TrafficWave downline.

About the author

Malgorzata Bukojemska is from Poland (Europe). She is truly passionate about internet and affiliate marketing.

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