Make An Income At Home with TW1K Team

Make An Income At Home with TW1K Team

The Biggest Value of TW1K Team Membership:

To help you make an income at home Ben Olszewski – the creator of TW1K Team – on team’s FaceBook group runs special team webinars.  Because TW means TrafficWave and TrafficWave product is an autoresponder these webinars are specifically aimed at helping you with understanding the power of email marketing (because Money Is in the List).

For me this is the most valuable asset I receive as a Team Member.
His training is literally priceless..!! And we receive it for FREE..!!

Okay, I must admit, I don’t agree with everything Ben is doing, there are many things I would have done differently, but – it is him and not me who says “I will promote for you until you make 1K a month” 🙂  And, even if he does something that is not in compliance with my own character, I am still learning from him 🙂

Ben keeps repeating this:
With 1K Team – YOU are building YOU.

My personal goal and dream is to have my TrafficWave net downline full of people who realize that if you want to make an income at home (online) you must build your list first.  Especially if you try to make this income without a website.  And to build a list you must have an autoresponder.  It so happens that when we take into a consideration autoresponder features offered by TW plus how much can you earn as an affiliate, in my opinion TrafficWave net is the best available choice.

  • If you learn how to use your TrafficWave autoresponder,
  • if you can create your own campaigns,
  • if you can create your own capture pages,
  • if you know how and where to promote your capture pages

you will be able to make money with any good and valuable online business.

For me setting up an autoresponder campaign is a piece of cake.
I want it to be a piece of cake for you too!!

TW1K Team is the only team I’ve ever joined that encourages members
to be creative and self-sufficient.
Yes, you can count on all the help we (Ben and I) can give you
(depending on our knowledge, abilities, available time, etc.),
but Ben doesn’t want to have on his team sheep that follow him mindlessly.  He wants leaders.  Me too.
Even if you are a newbie right now.

Typical Differences
between 1K Team and other teams:

I’ve been on a few teams and never was encouraged and helped to master the tool TrafficWave gives all the members – the unlimited autoresponder.
>> In 1K Team Ben Olszewski wants every member to use this tool like a pro.
      I do my best to help my members as well.

It often happens that you are building your team leader’s list – by promoting a team page.
>> In 1K Team you promote your own capture page. You are building YOUR OWN LIST.

In our TW1K Team we don’t have a team page to promote.

Instead, we tell you how to set up a promotional campaign – a series of autoresponder messages linked to your lead capture page.

So, when anyone wants to learn more and fills the opt-in form on your captue page – all these people will become your own leads (subscribers, prospects).

Each of your leads will receive autoresponder messages sent by TrafficWave on your behalf.

Each your autoresponder message will contain your own referral TrafficWave link.

We have 2 ready-made campaigns.

1st campaign has been prepared by the TW 1K Team creator and leader, Ben Olszewski.  Ben has also prepared video step-by-step instructions how to set up this campaign in your TrafficWave account, and how to create a capture page, linked to your autoresponder messages and hosted by TrafficWave.

If you choose to use Ben’s campaign – your leads will be told to contact Ben after they join TrafficWave with our team.

Your capture page will look like this one:

2nd campaign has been prepared by myself.  Ben has written 10 messages.  I have slightly changed them plus added 8 additional messages.  My campaign is also accompanied by step-by-step instructions (not video but with pictures illustrating every step).

If you choose to use my campaign – your leads will be told to contact me after they join TrafficWave with our team.

Your capture page will look like this one:

If you are sure you are not able to follow neither my or Ben’s instructions how to set up your promotional campaign, if you send me your TrafficWave username and password I will set up this campaign for you.

Regardless which campaign you will choose to use:

– you can send welcome messages to your new referrals yourself – highly recommended.

 – you can remove the part instructing people to contact me or Ben after they join TrafficWave.

Both campaigns are accompanied by pre-written email swipes.  You can use them or write your own.

You don’t have to use Ben’s or my campaign.  You can create your own.  You can create your own capture pages.

You can create your own team!

Usually you are told to bring a certain amount of hits to a Team Page.
>> In 1K Team we don’t have any hit quota to meet.

My experience tells me that when you are forced to bring a certain amount of hits to your team page, most people tend to limit themselves to free traffic that brings no or very little results.

When you market your own capture page – you are building your own list.
You are encouraged to be inventive. You may want to pay for traffic.
You may want to look for other methods, even methods that may require to gain additional knowledge at first (for example: how to build a FaceBook Fan Page)
but may bring great results in the long run.

Here is what you get with TW 1K Team:

1) We*) market your TW affiliate link until you are earning 1K/mo.

  • This is a serious commitment to you!
  • This is for PAID TrafficWave members.

Ben Olszewski – the creator of 1K Team will add your link to the Team Rotator
(I’ll tell you about this after you join as a Paid Member)
and will continue promoting for you until you earn $1000 a month

Please understand – being on the Team Rotator is great but not enough.
There are hundreds of links on the Rotator. Only those people who actively promote their capture page (you will receive all help in this respect) can expect positive results.


2) After we stop promoting for you – your monthly income will continue to grow because we will continue promoting for other people in your downline.


3) We offer daily training. After you join with us I will give you the link to Ben Olszewski’s training blog. His site contains pre-written ads, places to market, info on all relevant topics…it’s awesome for those who want to learn how to do this right!


Plus – I answer all questions and have prepared additional info as well.

In the meantime –
I would like to share with you >>My Top Traffic Sites<<
and all I know (and learned from Ben) about safelists and safelist marketing.


4) We have a private Facebook group. Again – for PAID members only.


5) We have a complimentary team affiliate site
that has been a big success:
>> ListAdProfits <<

This is a GREAT team and many newbies are earning commissions
for the very first time ever due to heavy marketing by the upline!

We hope you will join us and become the next team success story!

As you can see from the list above, this is not a situation where you sign up
and then get zero help…it’s in our best interest to see you wildly successful.

Are you ready?
Join TrafficWave Now!

As soon as I notice you’ve joined (you need to tell me about this)
I will email you the link along with all other info you need to start earning money fast

I have in my downline people who enrolled their 1st paid referral
within a couple of days upon joining with us!

Because TrafficWave offers a 30-day free trial

– You can jump in as a free member to lock in your position and decide later if you want to stay.

(If you decide to leave us – TrafficWave will automatically
delete your account on the 31st day after you joined.)

Before opening a Free Account – please read this:
Test TrafficWave and 1K Team as a Free Member

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