My Legitimate, Honest and Realistic Methods ….. to Earn Money Online

Hi, my name is Malgorzata (in English: Margaret) Bukojemska and I sincerely welcome you
to my blog

I would like to tell you about my methods
to make money online:

1) Email marketing,
2) Turn your blog into money-making machine,
3) Combine the two above – my choice.

For a very long time I was so naive and stupid…   I believed
in the possibility to make big money fast and doing nothing.
I used to trust online investment programs.
As a result I lost a lot of money.  Not to mention the years I wasted…
Today, instead of having my own apartment, I have a huge (for me) debt
and my parents have to share their apartment with me…

I also used to believe that other people could build my income for me.
I used to believe in promises like this one: “We will give you 10 paid referrals”.

Only after I understood that I am the only person responsible
for my online success, I stopped wasting my time and money.

You know, it’s funny, I always knew that to achieve something, anything,
to succeed in any field –
(1) I must start by learning how to do this in the correct way, and
(2) no-one can create my success for me.

Yet, I used to believe that some magic wand existed that could
made me rich instantly…  If only I could find it…
 Stupid me .

Today I know that if I want to make my living online
I must have full control over what and how I do things online.
I also know that I have to build my income.
And because nothing solid and long-lasting can be built overnight,
I must be patient, persistent, determined, not to give up, never stop learning, etc…

Email Marketing

My own Road to Success started when I joined TrafficWave 1K Team
on November 10th, 2017.

(1) TrafficWave gave me an indispensable tool to build my list
– a good quality autoresponder.   Building a list is a first step
if I’m truly interested in making my living online.

Also – TrafficWave rewards us handsomely for spreading the word (and knowledge) about the value of building a list with TrafficWave autoresponder. 

(2) 1K Team – the creator of this team shares his knowledge
about email marketing with all team members.  He does it through our FB group.

The benefits of being a member of 1K Team I explain
in my other post >> Make an Income at Home with TW1K Team

Main benefits of email marketing
when people find my offer interesting and want to know more,
they give me their email address (look at the right-top of this page). 

Besides sending them this requested more info right away:

1) I can contact them later on as well and on auto-pilot,
2) I am giving them a chance to know me better (especially if I don’t have a blog),
3) I can tell them about all my methods to make money online.
5) (Very useful feature especially if you don’t have a blog).

I can turn my blog into a Money-Making machine

A few months later (after joining TW1K Team and starting to build my list),
while searching the net for free traffic I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

In short: Wealthy Affiliate members learn how to build a blog to make money with it.   After you start building your blog you will of course need to tell other people about it.  WA training sessions cover this issue (how to promote) as well.

WA community is extremely supportive too.
Many successful WA members share their knowledge with other members. 

==>>> My Wealthy Affiliate Review

You can imagine how happy I was when, among numerous other trainings
provided by WA, I discovered an extensive training on email marketing!

Because I always knew that the best results I can achieve when I combine
email marketing with my blog.

I love to write on my blog.  I can tell you a lot here.
But some, more in-depth information (especially about email marketing)
I prefer to share only with those people, who would like to learn more.

What’s more, if you give me your email address
I will be able to share with you my future knowledge as well.

On top of this, any moment you decide you are no longer interested
in what I can tell you, you can stop receiving my emai
Because each of them will include an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom.
One-click unsubscribe.

So, what’s your decision?  Would you like to learn more?